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Welcome to the website of the Calvin Hungarian Presbyterian Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Our congregation is one of the smallest Hungarian reformed („Calvinist”) ones in Canada having only 32 registered members in our books.  Nevertheless, the significance of our presence in Northern-Central Alberta cannot be overestimated.

All of our service for the glory of God  and the benefit of our fellow brothers and sisters, i.e., all of the Sunday Services, children’s services, Sunday School, bible studies, furthermore the community events and activities of the congregation, etc. make sure that Hungarians in the Diaspora can keep their language and traditions while also the younger generations are immersed into those ones.

Although there had been Hungarian church services in Edmonton even before the first world war, the arrival of a large number of Hungarian immigrants after the second world war prompted the establishment of the Calvin Church in 1949, more than 70 years ago.  The rev. Frigyes Metzger was the first pastor serving the church.  The church officially joined the Presbyterian Church in Canada.  This way it was given the privilege of keeping their Hungarian identity, language, culture and had the right to invite pastors with their education completed in Hungarian theological schools.

The membership of the congregation increased once again after a high number of refugees arrived as a result of the crushed 1956 revolution and freedom fight in Hungary.  Their efforts resulted in the purchase of their own church building.  The rev. Gabor Dezse served between 1957 and 1980 at the helm of the Calvin Church in Edmonton.

There was a period of modest increase in membership as the result of a somewhat increased immigration at the end of the 1980’s.  The Calvin Church gained an independent status within the Presbyterian Church in Canada while rev. Dr. Joseph Pungur served in two periods, in 1983-1991 and 2001-2014 as our minister.

The rev. Thomas Nyarady filled in during the period 1992 and 2000.  A short period was served by the rev. Dr. Gabor Lanyi, then the rev. Jozsef Paizs arrived to the congregation in 2016.

The members of the congregation firmly believe that while „the work is ours, it is for the glory of the Lord”.  Soli Deo Gloria!

We hope to see you at our events soon.

Dr. Zsolt Szekely elder, Dr. Zoltan Berkes elder, Rev. Jozsef Paizs, 70th Anniversary, 2019